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Wobbling into the sunset

I planned to leave at 0600 so I can make my first friends/family visit along the route before it gets too late. Well that didn’t happen. I got up at 0700 and realized at 0730 that I packed all my towels. If that’s my biggest complaint I should just STFU and enjoy the trip. Left the keys with the landlord and took off.

  • 29273 on the odometer
  • 3,200 or more miles to go
  • Pack of Powerbars
  • 20oz Wawa coffee
  • Sunglasses
  • Half a tank of gas

Off we go!


Coke on the corner with Jeremy Reichman

With two days left, what better way to say goodbye than to have Coke on the corner with my colleague and mentor Jeremy Reichman.

If you’ve heard of him but never met him, get yourself over to the MacAdmins Conference at Penn State. Jeremy is CCA and next week will be CCE. Who knows, maybe we’ll see him at JNUC2015! 🙂

Would you believe a police car drove by while we were taking the photo? Wilmington, DE might be the only place in America where you can have Coke on the corner without being harassed by the police.*

*tongue in cheek

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Curmudgeon At Large

This is what happens when your buddies dare you to blog about your upcoming cross country trek. I accepted a new position in California, and I’ve spent the past week preparing for the cross-country drive.

The car is tuned up, tires rotated, fluid levels checked, air filters changed. I added a dash cam to capture the trip, especially the drive through Monument Valley, and I updated my iPhone to test out a couple new CarPlay features. I have the biggest road atlas I could find and already marked a bunch of spots I want to visit.

Two pairs of Oakley RX ready for the trip. Oakley Flak 2.0 for daytime, and Oakley Barrellhouse 0.5 for evenings. I can’t believe I waited so many years to go all out Oakley.

I’ve updated the firmware and red light database on my Escort 9500ix. In case Smokey decides to be a PITA during my trip. Not sure yet but I might remove Virginia from my route (thank you AAA!).

I trashed a bunch of stuff, donated a bunch of clothing to the local charity, and cancelled my gym membership at Planet Fitness. Don’t laugh, I dropped down from 208 to 228 in the past couple months. I’m so looking forward to hitting 24 Hour Fitness in Santa Clarita.

The Kel-Tek PF9 is history. My new Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9 ate a couple hundred FMJ at Targetmaster without a hiccup. I had to replace all my holsters, so I went ahead and added a Laser Max CF-Shield Laser for good measure. Never know when a big bad wolf might sneak up on you in the desert.

I asked the local Dick’s Sporting Goods to stock up on Yeti coolers, I’d love to finally get a Roadie 20. I’ll be driving across long stretches of unpopulated areas, so I want to be prepared. The thermoelectric cooler I had didn’t cut it. Need ice!

I’m not sure why I put all these details in my first blog post. Probably to get used to WordPress. Hey if Greg Neagle can use it, it can’t be that difficult, right? And who knows, if a big bad wolf decides to have me for supper, its more motivation for someone to come find me.

Three days before heading out.