400 miles – Delicate Arch

Long day today. 400 miles driven, and a LOT of stops to take pictures. The drive from Denver to Moab is amazing, with breathtaking views. It was so hard to resist stopping to take pictures!

I’ll need to circle back to post pics, lots of them, since the internet access here in Monticello, UT isn’t very fast.


Coke on the corner with Jeremy Reichman

With two days left, what better way to say goodbye than to have Coke on the corner with my colleague and mentor Jeremy Reichman.

If you’ve heard of him but never met him, get yourself over to the MacAdmins Conference at Penn State. Jeremy is CCA and next week will be CCE. Who knows, maybe we’ll see him at JNUC2015! 🙂

Would you believe a police car drove by while we were taking the photo? Wilmington, DE might be the only place in America where you can have Coke on the corner without being harassed by the police.*

*tongue in cheek