meteors, rain, volt

450 miles – Thirsty Volt

The first leg of my trip was mostly uneventful. I hoped to see a huge meteor, or a spectacular Russian style highway accident (cars flying everywhere but nobody is hurt) so I could post a video. But I saw nothing. Nada. Zilch. Except some rain. For the last 100 miles. I saw that.

Oh…wait…I did see a thirsty Volt (didn’t know they needed gas). Does that count as a rare sight?

The good folks at the¬†¬†helped design the route. I figured I have a week to travel. Plus I need to stop to visit friends/family at 3 spots along the way. No way I’m going to not see Monument Valley and Horse Shoe Bend at The Grand Canyon.

Depending on how much time I have (hint to friends/family), there are other places to see along the way, but if not I’ll still be a happy camper. Well, there’s always Las Vegas, but if I got here I won’t be able to blog about it (you know, that bit about not saying anything).

Here’s the route so far

  • Take I-95 South to I-695 North/West
  • Take I-695 North/West to Exit 16B to I-70 West
  • Take I-70 West to Exit 1A onto I-68 West
  • Take I-68 West to I-79 North
  • Take I-79 to I-70 West

Staying at Microtel Inn in Cambridge, Ohio.