rocky mountains

480 miles – Windmills and mountains

Kansas was pretty cool. I didn’t realize there were so many windmill farms. Those things are huge. A blade barely fits on an 18 wheeler. There were many walls of windmills. Lots of rolling hills. Except for where there weren’t any hills. Then it was flat. Really flat.


As cool as Kansas was, I couldn’t wait to get to Colorado. When I rolled over a hill and saw a wall of mountains, I knew I was almost there. Wow, the Rocky Mountains! Man, you read about this in school books, and you see it in movies. But you’ve got to be at the foot of the Rocky Mountains to appreciate the incredible beauty.  It was getting dark so I was only able to grab this picture at the light, and I was still very far away! Oh, and yes, the guy behind me was blowing his horn.


I planned this part of my route to stay at Loveland, CO. This way in the morning I can go over an 11,000′ mountain pass. Yes, I checked the weather and confirmed the mountain pass will be open. 🙂 Hope to get lots of pictures tomorrow.

Shit is finally getting real.


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